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Mario, what have you done!

ohmuffins:world-shaker:Reason #37 I Love My GirlfriendOkay, fine: I wasn



Reason #37 I Love My Girlfriend

Okay, fine: I wasn

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FreshMedia Press Room: Fresh Media in the PressInterested in what Fresh Media’s events are... 

Fresh Media in the Press

fresh media, fresh  media olympics, w2 media arts, vancouverInterested in what Fresh Media’s events are really like? Feel free to browse this list of stories, articles and features outlining past unconferences and salons organized by the Fresh Media team.


Kris Krug Talks about BP Oil Spill and…


Fosterhood is avoiding A LOT of sadly ironic children


Introducing Starkness, a new Tumblr theme that’s clean, refined, and free! Check out the 

Mathing a Serial Killer 


Researchers at UCLA have combined neuroscience and math in order to identify patterns in the acts of a notorious Russian serial killer, executed in 1994. The model makes several assumptions: 1) a certain threshold of neuronal firing has to be passed, at which point the desire to kill becomes impossible to ignore; 2) some time is subsequently required in order to plan and carry out a killing; 3) killing acts as a sort of sedative, calming the neurons temporarily. (via)

Tutorial: Create a Flickr gallery with categories using Galleria


One of the most popular questions from Galleria users is: “How can I add a menu that loads different sets into my gallery when clicked?”. This small guide/tutorial will explain step by step how this is done. At the same time we will create a nice looking gallery that you can use as a starting point when building your Galleria-powered portfolio site.

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